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Degree Requirements 

The resources provided on this page are for undergraduate degree plans only.
Contact the
Graduate College to obtain information regarding graduate degree plans.

Undergraduate Programs and Requirements publication
The year links below provide PDF access to the entire publication and is not conducive to printing individual sheets - see 'Undergraduate Degree Requirement Sheets' below to print individual degree sheets.  To view detailed undergraduate requirements by degree, major, and option, begin by selecting the academic year in which you declared (or plan to declare) your major:

2014-2015                    2008-2009 
2013-2014                    2007-2008

2012-2013                    2006-2007
2011-2012                    2005-2006
2010-2011                    2004-2005
2009-2010                    2003-2004

Undergraduate Degree Requirement Sheets (download, print and save capability)
Alphabetical list of majors/options with links to undergraduate degree requirement sheets: 

2014-2015 Majors and Options
2013-2014 Majors and Options
2012-2013 Majors and Options
2011-2012 Majors and Options
2010-2011 Majors and Options
2009-2010 Majors and Options
2008-2009 Majors and Options

Minors and Certificates

Community College Transfer Programs

Adobe Reader is required to view these documents.
Please click the Adobe icon to get the latest version.


Online Degree Audit 

Students, faculty, and advisers can view a student's unofficial Degree Audit from SIS web. Our implemetation of Degree Audit is a work in progress and is not a substitute for requried academic advising or filing a diploma application in a student's final semestser. Online Degree Audits will only be available for plans of study that have been approved by the College of Student Academic Services office for viewing of the web.

Please note that individual differences in students' situations may not be reflected in the Degree Audit report. It is vital for students and advisers to compare the Degree Audit results against the student's degree sheet to verify accuracy. Please contact your college Student Academic Services office with questions.

To view a Degree Audit from SIS, follow these steps:


  • Login to SIS at http://prodosu.okstate.edu
  • Select the Degree Audit option from the Student Records menu
  • Click the Submit button below your primary degree plan
  • If your degree plan has been activated for viewing on the web, your summary report will display. To view your full degree audit report, click the View Unofficial Full Report link.


  • Login to SIS for faculty and advisers at http://prodfosu.okstate.edu
  • Select the Degree Audit option from the Adviser menu
  • If you don't already have a student selected, select the student for which you wish to review the degree audit
  • Click the Submit button below the primary degreeplan
  • If the student's degree plan has been activated for viewing on the web, the summary report will display. To view the full degree audit report, click the View Unofficial Full Report link.



Academic Calendar

Fall 2014

Tuesday, September 30
Six week grades due from faculty

Friday, October 24
Students' Fall Break (No Classes)

Monday, November 3

Deadline to file diploma application (for name to appear in the fall commencement program)

Friday, November 7
W Drop/Withdraw Deadline (

Friday, November 21
W/F Withdraw Deadline (

Wednesday, November 26
First day of students' Thanksgiving break (No classes)

Thursday-Friday, November 27-28
University holiday

Full Academic Calendar...


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E-mail: registrar@okstate.edu
Office hours: M-F 8am-5pm

About Us
The Office of the Registrar provides services related to the creation and maintenance of student academic records. 

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