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Course Descriptions


Speech Communication (SPCH) 

College of Arts and Sciences

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An asterisk (*) following the four-digit number indicates the course is approved for graduate credit. Graduate College

SPCH 2713
(S) Introduction to Speech Communication.
Principles and techniques of preparing for, participating in and evaluating communication behavior in the conversation, the interview, group discussion and the public speech. A competency-based approach.

SPCH 3703
Small Group Communication.
General systems approach to small group processes. Special consideration given to group roles, norms, leadership and decision-making. Participation in various types of discussion groups.

SPCH 3723
Business and Professional Communication.
Oral communication encounters in business and professional settings. The interview, informative briefing, talking-paper, small group interaction and informative, integrative and persuasive speeches.

SPCH 3733
(S) Elements of Persuasion.
Principles and concepts of interpersonal and public persuasive encounters. The instrumental and interactive nature of persuasion. Designing and participating in actual persuasive campaigns.

SPCH 3743
Advanced Public Speaking.
The preparation and delivery of various types of public speeches.

SPCH 3793*
Communication in Interviews.
General principles of interviewing. Specific guidelines for the interviewer in survey, journalistic, counseling, selection, appraisal, legal, medical, and sales interviews.

SPCH 4010
Independent Study in Speech Communication.
1-3 credits, max 3. Prerequisite(s): Consent of instructor. Supervised research projects in speech communication.

SPCH 4710
Topics in Speech Communication.
1-3 credits, max 6. Selected current topics in speech communication.

SPCH 4743*
Problems of Interpersonal Speech Communication.
Application of communication theory to interactions in person-to-person settings. Identification and management of barriers related to the concepts of perception, attraction, self-disclosure, listening and conflict.

SPCH 4753
(I) Intercultural Communication.
Social and cultural differences between individuals from diverse backgrounds as possible barriers to effective communication.

SPCH 4763
Organizational Communication.
The interface between communication theory and organizational structure. Nature of communication problems in organizations, strategies for overcoming such problems and the design of effective communication systems in organizational settings.

SPCH 4793
(S) Nonverbal Communication.
Nonverbal aspects of speech communication.

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Fall 2014

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